Pet Adoption Program Initiative

PAPI is an Initiative to create a marketplace where the animal welfare community can exchange ideas and information as well as resources, creating meaningful partnerships between independent shelters, fosters, veterinarians, pet suppliers, and the business community.

PAPI is an organization that provides a networking community for Foster Homes, Shelters, Pet Supplies Stores, Veterinarians, and the Business Community. We hold monthly events that help animal lovers come together and network to further their involvement in the movement of saving lives. Our interests are in saving lives and helping people network to further their involvement in the animal community. We offer website building, marketing, advertising, sponsoring, job opportunities, and volunteering for the community and getting people involved in what really makes a difference in the animal community. We work effective and efficiently using our resources and our time to better serve you and the community. We gather real information and act on it in a matter of solving real problems.

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